Recreation in the region

Numerous recreational opportunities

In the region surrounding landgoed Overbetuwe you will find numerous recreational opportunities.

You can enjoy hiking, cycling, fishing, swimming and make many cultural excursions. Both the Betuwe , the Veluwe as the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen are within reach.

The Betuwe, Veluwe, Arnhem, Nijmegen, Wageningen within reach

The Betuwe

Landgoed Overbetuwe is located in the eastern part of the Betuwe , also known as 'the Overbetuwe'. Make walking and cycling tours through the Betuwe scenery with rivers, dykes, orchards, old farms and historic villages.

The Veluwe

Langoed Overbetuwe is located 1 kilometre south of the Rhine. From the estate you can see the foothills of the Veluwe across the Rhine. Therefore the Veluwe , perfect for hiking and cycling with its stunning nature and national park, is near the estate.

Arnhem, Nijmegen, Wageningen

The landgoed is located in the city triangle Arnhem  - Nijmegen  - Wageningen . These cities offer culture, nature and shopping opportunities.