Olmenhoeve Park - The place for your chalet!

Olmenhoeve Park is a small chalet park situated on the beautiful, green Landgoed Overbetuwe . Here you will find year-round peace and space.

Enjoy the beautiful Landgoed and explore the region

The chalet park is spacious and is characterized by several lakes, including a fish pond of about 1,5 hectares, endemic trees, shrubs, various birds and flora such as wild orchids. Each chalet has plenty of privacy for the full enjoyment of peace and nature.

The chalet is an ideal base for exploring the beautiful surroundings. Think of cycling and walking through the Betuwe and Veluwe, excursions to the nearby cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen, or fishing in the nearby Rhine or Linge.

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Chalet owners may use the various facilities and participate in several activities on the estate.

Interested in a year site for your chalet?

Are you interested in having your own chalet on Olmenhoeve Park? Check out the rates and please feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities and conditions.

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