The Landgoed

Landgoed Overbetuwe is a wonderful rural and natural area of approximately 12 hectares where you can enjoy peace, space and nature.

On landgoed Overbetuwe you will find a campsite, a chalet parkbed & breakfastspacious apartmentscare farm and petting zoo.

The estate is characterized by it's quiet and natural setting, the fishpond and the extremely diverse flora and fauna. You can spot various species of birds.

The beautiful region is perfect for walking, cycling, fishing, swimming and many cultural excursions. Both the Betuwe and the Veluwe as well as the cities of Arnhem and Nijmegen are within easy reach.

The nature on the Landgoed

Landgoed Overbetuwe has a beautiful landscape and diverse flora and fauna matching naturally to its environment.




  • The landgoed is a former clay extraction. At the edges of the pond there is still clay; due to the fact that the soil structure of the pond is sand now, you can find unusual plants.
  • The large pond at the Veluwe Estate is fed by Veluwe water, which is about 150 years old and comes from between the gravel layers 15 meters below the Rhine.
  • The small ponds are fed by water from the Rhine between the clay layers. Fishing in the Rhine or Linge is also recommended, fishing license is required.
  • The estate is a watery area with several ponds.
  • From Camping Overbetuwe you can see the foothills of the Veluwe massif across the Rhine near Oosterbeek and Doorwerth.
  • East of the estate is "Fikkersdries", one of the largest catchments in the Netherlands, with very good if not the best drinking water in the Netherlands.

Flora and fauna

  • On Olmenhoeve Park you find some special nature; a lake with reed beds, habitat for various amphibians such as frogs, toads and salamanders. Also dragonflies flying around here and in the grass you may find wild orchids.
  • On the landgoed you will find various dead hedges. These act as foraging place for animals such as the hedgehog, wren and the robin and protect against birds of prey like the hawk and falcon.
  • On summer evenings you may meet different species of owls and bats. If the owls have chicks you clearly can hear the owlets calling.
  • At the entrance to Olmenhoeve Park an orchard is planted as used to be common at farms in ancient times: with several tall fruit trees, apple, pear and plum varieties. The hawthorn hedge surrounding the orchard provides nesting opportunities for small birds and offers protection against birds of prey, magpies and crows.
  • Next to the orchard there is major drainage for the area. The nature friendly banks are a good habitat for amphibians and marsh plants.
  • The plantation on the landgoed fits perfectly with the surrounding countryside.
  • Outside the Landgoed you will find a braid hedge with, on the front part, pears (Gieser Wildemannen). A braid hedge was already used in German times.
  • This braid fence symbolizes the fusion of the municipalities Elst, Heteren and Valburg to the Overbetuwe. The braid fence continues until Homoet were you find a monument to commemorate the three former municipalities at the end of it.