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Care Farm Overbetuwe

Overbetuwe Care Farm - accreditated by Aequor

Overbetuwe Care Farm - daytime activities and reintegration

Overbetuwe Care Farm - internship

Overbetuwe Care Farm - animal care

A respectful place in society

Overbetuwe Estate is more than just a recreation park. Besides a campsite, chalet park and bed & breakfast, the estate also includes a care farm.

Care Farm Overbetuwe offers a respectful place in society for various audiences with daily activities, internship and reintegration.



  • Daytime activities
  • Reintegration
  • Internship
  • Volunteering
  • Living and working

Learning Company

Overbetuwe is accreditated by Aequor as a recognized Learning Company for various qualifications, such as animal care and green spaces.

Activities on the care farm

Under expert guidance, the daily operations in green spaces and animal husbandry on the farm have a meaningful, sometimes therapeutic, but certainly an activating and stimulating effect.

The activities take place on the Overbetuwe Estate, a beautiful area with three pools and a special flora and fauna. Several birds have found their place here. The peace, space and nature can form a good baseline for our fellow man.

Examples of work:
  • Animal care at the petting zoo
  • Maintenance of animal enclosures
  • Cleaning and maintaining the campsite and the chalet park
  • Canteen, office and reception work

Contact with Care Farm Overbetuwe

Would you like more information about the possibilities Care Farm Overbetuwe? Please contact us.

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